The Real Story

Our team is amazing. We bring our amazing to you.

At Ketamine Of Southern California, we believe there is a best way to provide ketamine treatment, inside a hospital setting. You gain the comfort of a small relaxing location, and the safety and professional resources of a hospital.

We’re obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help patients achieve rapid depression, OCD, and pain relief.

Our leading ketamine service is in a hospital which gives you access to the best doctors, nursing team, and pharmacy staff. We’re excited to offer top ketamine care in California through our excellent team, setting, and treatment.

What Makes Us Stand Out

  • The Safety Benefits of Being In a Hospital Setting

    You have a dedicated pharmacy staff and nursing team with plenty of checks and safety measures to ensure a proper and safe ketamine infusion. With ketamine clinics popping up all over the country, the training of staff becomes questionable. Our service is inside a top hospital in Southern California. Your IV ketamine treatment is performed in a relaxing location with a flat screen TV and iPad, inside a hospital so everything is handled by expert teams.
  • Complimentary Initial Evaluation

    Every patient receives a complimentary initial evaluation prior to the first ketamine infusion. We want you to be a good candidate for ketamine therapy, just as you want to make sure we are a great candidate for you.
  • Our Director Stays With You For the Entire Infusion

    Every infusion is carefully monitored by our director who is a leading expert in Pain Medicine and Psychiatry. An expert nurse will start your IV line. You won’t have a nurse or CRNA perform your infusion. Our director is a rare fellowship-trained doctor who will sit by your side along with a wonderful nurse and support staff for the entire duration of your infusion .
  • Fair Cost for Southern California

    Most other ketamine clinics will charge $750 or more per infusion. If you look for a hospital setting because you want the safety and support staff, the price will most liekly be higher. Here at Ketamine of Southern California, we keep our prices reasonable for the benefits you get. For one IV ketamine session for depression, the cost is only $615 which includes a free initial psychiatric evaluation. Also, we do not make you pay for two infusions up-front like many other clinics do.
  • Free Parking and Easy Access

    All parking at College Hospital Costa Mesa is free. We are right off the 55 freeway only a mile from the 405 freeway. John Wayne Airport is 5 minutes away! How much more convenient can you get?

Other Benefits

  • Correct Doses – a professional pharmacist prepares your ketamine IV bag to ensure correct doses and avoid accidental dosing issues
  • No Pain IVs – a team of very experienced nurses start your IV to help avoid any painful sticks
  • Close Monitoring – you have nursing staff and a doctor with you who will monitor your heart beat, pulse, oxygenation, and level of sedation during your infusion

Tired of Suffering… We’re Here To Help

You’ve been dealing with major depression for years and have tried many different medications, therapies, and even diets to make it go away. Nothing has really worked for you, at least nothing with lasting results.

Maybe you’re dealing with severe depression or OCD and are either tired of medications or cannot seem to find a doctor who is willing to prescribe the right ones.

Perhaps you suffer from terrible pain and have tried opiates, gabapentin, motrin and aspirin with little relief. Maybe you have severe nerve pain from alcoholism, diabetes, HIV or some other affliction.

Or you just prefer to avoid medication all-together since they all seem to carry strong side effects.

If the above describes you, then perhaps it is time to try ketamine.

The Team

A Top Service in Southern California

Ketamine services are provided at the premier mental health and detox hospital, College Hospital Costa Mesa, near our beautiful California coast. Our team includes two outstanding nurses, a nurse director, a pharmacy director, and a physician trained at top programs in the country. He completed medical school at Northwestern University, residency at UCLA, and pain fellowship at UCSD.

We Treat You Like Family

Patients love the fact that we treat each person with dignity and great care. We’re not satisfied until you are very satisfied. You’re like family here.