There's a smarter way to receive ketamine

We know ketamine. In fact, we are a top service nationally.

We offer IV ketamine infusions to treat depression, PTSD, anxiety, OCD, CRPS pain, pelvic pain, migraines, misophonia, and diabetic neuropathy
led by a fellowship-trained doctor

What makes our ketamine services so unique is that we are located inside the safe and professional setting of a hospital

We are the team who will be right there with you during the infusion
a team of top nurses, a pharmacy director, and head doctor

Awarded a top ketamine service nationally by

Key Features Patients Love About Our Ketamine Service

Top Doctor

Our director trained at UCLA and UCSD. He is fellowship-trained in Interventional Pain Medicine which is the highest training a doctor can have. Most other ketamine clinics do not have fellowship-trained doctors.

Free Evaluation

After the brief phone chat, each patient is invited for an initial evaluation at no extra cost. This evaluation aims to make sure that IV ketamine is a safe and appropriate treatment for you

Doctor’s Trust

Surgeons, Psychiatrists and Internists refer their patients to us because we can treat the toughest cases, and we work under the highest standards. We are reviewed by The Joint Commission and OSHA.

Free Parking

We offer free parking which our patients love! Our facility offers accessible parking and ramps.

Fair Price

Our ketamine prices in line with others in the area for a hospital setting

By Your Side

Our ketamine director stays with you by your side during the entire treatment to ensure your safety and comfort. He administers all ketamine infusions.

Pharmacy Safety

The Director of Pharmacy at the hospital prepares your ketmine in a sterile environment so your dose is correct and consistent every time

Hospital Safety

Why go to a private clinic when you can enjoy the safety of a hospital? Ketamine has potential side effects, and you should have your IV treatments in the safest setting possible

At Our Ketamine Service

Lower Prices ~ Our prices are fair for Southern California. You are paying for the safety of a hospital setting. Plus, other clinics make you buy 2 treatments upfront. We don’t make you buy 2 treatments, and our initial psychiatric evaluation is free.

A Doctor Who Stays With You ~ The doctor and two nurses sit by your side during the entire infusion, and the head pharmacist visits you too. The entire team will be with you. Your safety is our top priority.

Top Level Safety ~ From preparing the ketamine to airway management, we have you covered with standards beyond that of most other clinics. Our hospital pharmacy prepares your ketamine IV solution to perfection using sterile, careful measurements and precautions. We have a crash cart, monitoring devices, and access to an anesthesiologist. Our director is trained in airway management.

No Painful IV Sticks ~ A seasoned nurse with years of experience starting IV lines will start your line in a relaxing reclining chair with a flat-screen TV at your service.

Experts at Treating Pain As Well ~ Our director is a rare doctor as he is fellowship-trained in Pain Medicine. We treat not only depression, but also complex pain syndromes and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). He is a medical expert in treating both psychiatric and pain conditions.

At Other Ketamine Clinics

Southern California is an expensive place. Most ketamine clinics charge $750 and higher per infusion.

One nurse will sit with you for the entire infusion. Usually, a doctor checks on you periodically.

Many clinics are run by one doctor, typically a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist with little pharmacy experience dilutes and mixes your ketamine IV bag in the corner of the office. Sterile technique is not guaranteed.

Most ketamine clinics are in offices, many times a small office with limited resources. Some offices do not have a crash cart and are not prepared for emergencies.

A nurse or psychiatrist with little IV experience will start your IV line. We often hear patients from other clinics complain they had painful IV sticks at the other locations. What’s worse than a painful IV line that stays in your arm for 45 minutes!

Most ketamine clinics mainly treat depression. The few that treat pain with IV ketamine often do not have doctors who are fellowship-trained in pain medicine.

Location of Ketamine of Southern California

College Hospital Costa Mesa
301 Victoria Street
Costa Mesa, California 92627

Our location is easy to reach
5 minutes from John Wayne Airport, right off the 405 and 55 freeways

Map of Ketamine of Southern California